James Kerti

Strategic planning. Data. Basketball scouting. Motivated by coffee and cats.


James Kerti

I’m James Kerti.

(Pronounced CARE-tea.)

I’ve done a bunch of different things.

Maybe most notably, I’ve been working in basketball as a scout and strategic planning consultant since 2012.

I started by scouting high school basketball with Frank Burlison and Christian PoPoola. (Two brilliant basketball minds and phenomenal mentors.)

I attended many high school and grassroots games to evaluate players in support of our clients, who were college basketball programs.

Most of my basketball projects are now NBA-related consulting work, which includes activities and projects such as:

  • Video scouting and analysis focused on draft prospects of interest
  • Regional live scouting of college games plus background research
  • Video analysis of NBA games to identify the frequency of specific events
  • Research analysis and strategic recommendations related to optimal strategy in the NBA Draft and free agency, player contract option decisions, market analysis, and more

I write about basketball scouting and analysis at HoopsThink.com, a website I started in 2013. You can visit there to download my free ebook The Basketball Scout’s Cheat Sheet: The 4 Pillars of Effective Scouting. Sign up for the email list at HoopsThink to get updates and exclusive content. It’s the best place to see my public work in the industry.

I graduated from Villanova University with a computer science degree and briefly worked at Oracle. I also completed Master’s coursework in computer science at both Villanova and Georgia Tech.

For several years after graduating, I did freelance web design and development projects, mostly on WordPress-based premium websites in the sports industry and the new age community.

Recently — and partly from being around sports analysis — I started developing a greater interest in data science. I’ve been studying it in both formal (university) and informal (books and online classes) settings. I’m focused mostly on learning R at the moment. I dabble with Python, which I’ve also used for some light web development. I intend to use this blog to share what I’m learning and working on.

I currently use Manjaro Linux on my desktop and a MacBook.

I enjoy reading biographies and books about sports, psychology, and marketing.

I appreciate the Grateful Dead.

I previously lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Portland.

I now live in a small town on the Oregon Coast with my wife Erin-Ashley, our five cats, and our robotic vacuum.