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Settling in to my new home

In May 2022 I moved from Yachats, where I had lived for nearly seven years and made many lifelong loving friends, back to Beaverton, where I had previously lived.

I’m enjoying exploring this new community and the connections here, as well as exploring new professional opportunities.

Serving my clients

I serve a small group of clients through my boutique digital strategy business White Rose Studio.

Clients include:

  • Cal-Hi Sports, founded in 1979; the leading high school sports publication in California
  • Global Sports Management’s nationally televised Emerald Coast Classic college basketball tournament
  • Astrostyle, the astrology business founded by bestselling authors Ophira and Tali Edut
  • SameYou, a charity co-founded by Emilia Clarke that is working to develop better recovery treatment for survivors of brain injury and stroke
  • Felicia Bender, an author and professional numerologist who has worked with thousands of clients internationally

Teaching basketball scouting

I run Basketball Scouting Guide, a website through which I teach people to become basketball scouts.

I find meaning in helping people on this journey in basketball because for as competitive as this industry gets, we’re all on the same team.

The more scouts we have, the more young basketball players can get the opportunity to compete at the next level, and the more college basketball coaches can get connected with players who can help them — players they’re excited to work with and support.

In keeping with this mission, I also teach the Digital Video Editing with Synergy Sports class for Sports Management Worldwide.

writing and sharing poetry

I write and share poetry on a regular basis. (Well, regular when I’m not in the middle of moving!)

You can keep up best on my Instagram.

Updated June 19, 2022 from Beaverton, OR

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