Basketball Scouting Guide

scouting guide

This free basketball scouting guide teaches you how to start scouting.

In The Basketball Scout’s Cheat Sheet: The 4 Pillars of Effective Scouting, you will learn:

  1. The first steps you need to take to start scouting
  2. What to look for in players
  3. How to create habits and systems that help you improve
  4. How to grow your profile as a basketball scout and make the right connections

And more!

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Basketball Scouting Guide Endorsements

When it comes to working with scouts, you don’t always know who you can trust and rely on. However, James Kerti’s evaluations and information have always been accurate and on point.

No fluff. No spin.

He’s been extremely beneficial to what we do, and I recommend him to all college basketball programs. We know he’s someone we can trust and look to when it comes to evaluating players.

Division I Basketball Coach

James Kerti is an up-and-coming star in this business! He has a tireless work ethic and a keen eye for talent and evaluating prospects.

More importantly, he is a quality individual who is honest and respects the game of basketball! It’s a huge help to have a guy I know I can go to.

Division I Basketball Coach

Not every scout knows what to look for in prospects, but James gets it! He has a great feel for evaluating prospects and always asks the right questions to get great answers. One of the best in the business–a huge resource for college coaches.

Division I Basketball Coach

Recruiting is always a challenge, and James has helped make that job quite a bit easier.

His work ethic and evaluation skills are second to none.

Our program has benefited from his help!

Division I Basketball Coach

Click here to download a copy of the scouting guide.

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