James Kerti

It’s a-me, James!

Hey! I’m James Kerti.

That’s pronounced CARE-tea. And yes, I do drink tea.

People who work with me have called me things like “a renaissance man” and “a triple threat.”

To understand why, you have to understand who I am.

Let me tell you a little more about my background.

I was born and raised outside Philadelphia, and I went to school at Villanova.

After a few years of working in the software industry, and realizing I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by the work I did, I decided to strike it out on my own.

For me, that meant trying to help people in ways that called to me.

That approach has taken me wonderful places.

  • I’ve consulted on marketing and business strategies — and designed websites — for six-figure entrepreneurs.
  • I work directly with college and NBA teams as a scout and evaluator.
  • I teach networking strategies and philosophies, helping people find more satisfaction and authenticity with their connections while attaining higher-paying jobs and clients.
  • I’ve been featured as a speaker at a career conference at the NBA Summer League.
  • I’ve worked with people one-and-one to help them realize clarity on their dreams and life purposes, navigate crises in their lives, and become stronger and more confident.
  • I’ve studied under millionaire entrepreneurs such as Ramit Sethi and Laura Roeder, from whom I’ve learned valuable marketing and social media strategies that I’ve implemented successfully in my businesses and with my clients.
  • I’ve hosted discussions on reddit about basketball and scouting that have garnered thousands of responses.

These experiences have enabled me to develop a unique perspective as a problem-solver and decision-maker.

What I’ve also realized over time is that these apparently wildly different experience share a common theme for me: helping people get to where they want to be in life.

I’ve discovered that this theme is a passion that drives me on a very deep level.

It’s at the core of everything I do, along with the desire to be friends with the people I work with.

I want to tell a story to illustrate how that works.

In mid-2011, I reconnected with Frank Burlison, whom I knew from when I took online classes at Sports Management Worldwide.

Frank had recently been laid off from his long-time job at the Long Beach Press Telegram, for whom he had covered high school basketball for many years.

He was looking to start his own scouting service.

I worked with him and helped him get his new business set up and I created a web site with a blog for him. His business and web site have been very successful and lucrative for him ever since.

Months later, there was a big high school basketball event in Las Vegas, where I live, and Frank wasn’t able to make it there to watch due to a scheduling conflict.

I offered to cover the event on his behalf, and he agreed.

Apparently I did a good job, because the opportunities to do more scouting and writing flowed in after that event.

I’ve since worked as a Managing Editor and National Scout for PremierBall, a national basketball scouting and recruiting service to which over 50 Division I schools have subscribed.

I’ve contributed to popular basketball websites, including ESPN TrueHoop’s Daily Thunder and Valley of the Suns.

In early 2013, I launched another project called Magical Networking, in which I teach people how to network in a more authentic way so that they can find greater success in their careers and relationships.

My new basketball project, HoopsThink, launches this fall. Readers will learn new insights about the game while having the opportunity to pursue their own careers in basketball.

I currently live in Las Vegas with my wife and cats.

What People Are Saying About Me

I reached out to James and was blown away with his willingness and desire to help. He not only answered my questions, but provided me with great tips, insight, and resources for advancing my career. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.

Nick Bartlett

James has a deep understanding of marketing and business and has the rare ability of seeing how beautiful design, marketing, and serving the customer fit together. This makes him a “triple threat” … something truly special in the world of web design/development.

Rahul Bhambhani

James Kerti is truly a ‘renaissance man’ in that he’s equally at ease and insightful in all things related to ‘the new media’, technology, writing and basketball. He’s someone who will make an impact in a lot of different venues.

Frank Burlison

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    James helps people with business, basketball, and networking.

    He's currently consulting for college and NBA teams on player evaluation.

    People have called him “a renaissance man” and “a triple threat."

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