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Strategic planning. Data. Basketball scouting. Motivated by coffee and cats.

A Halloween update

2017-10-31 James Kerti

Halloween! My black cat is celebrating the holiday by sleeping nearby.

It’s sunny, for perhaps the last time in a while. Winter is coming — and with it, the rain.

I’m actively participating in my town’s planning commission and the board of the local academy of arts and sciences. For the planning commission, I’m working on updating the comprehensive plan for the village’s future. The arts and sciences academy put on well-received presentations recently about solar eclipses and native bee conservation.

I spent the last ten weeks in discussions with an NBA team about a position in their front office, but we won’t be moving forward on that at this time. In the meantime, I’ll keep working hard on getting better.

The NBA season started two weeks ago. The nature of my consulting work this season remains uncertain at this time. Reach out if you want to talk about working together.

Though summer officially ended last month, my Summer of Data Science work continues. I’m working on getting more practice using R, especially in the area of modeling. I expect to write more about this learning process in this space soon.

I recently got a robotic vacuum for my birthday. It is awesome.

I’ve been quiet on here recently, as I went into a cave while exploring the front office opportunity since late August.

(Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash)