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Web Design

Alex Kline

Our event had raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research, but the website we had before was very basic and wasn’t representative of what we were achieving.

James has an insane talent. The new site he created is really impressive.

I was blown away.

We raised over $74,000 for cancer research the last two years, and James was a huge part of it.

Alex Kline
2-Time Forbes 30 Under 30
Founder, The Recruit Scoop & The Mary Kline Classic

Strategic Advice

Paul Pettengill

I was lucky enough to meet James Kerti as my start-up was in its nascent stages, and since then, James’s council has helped position it as a leader in a crowded market — basketball recruiting.

He understood the value that we were bringing to market, and helped to ensure that we grew by serving our market more deeply rather than attempting to expand into adjacent areas.

This focus allowed us to delight our initial market to the point that our consumers spread the word about us, allowing us to grow by orders of magnitude without advertising or external marketing.

Paul Pettengill
Founder, Verbal Commits

Basketball Scout & Consultant

Basketball hoop

When it comes to working with scouts, you don't always know who you can trust and rely on.

However, James Kerti's evaluations and information have always been accurate and on point.

No fluff. No spin.

He's been extremely beneficial to what we do, and I recommend him to all college basketball programs.

We know he's someone we can trust and look to when it comes to evaluating players.

Division I Basketball Coach

Strategic Career Advice

Nick Bartlett

I was blown away by James’s insight, the strategies and suggestions he offered for advancing my career, and his willingness to help me connect with the perfect people for me.

Quite honestly, I highly doubt I could have gotten the basketball operations internships without James.

I’ve been wanting to get my foot in the door in the NBA with basketball operations for quite some time and I've finally gotten that chance with his help.

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