Simple truths


We talk about how the ups and downs of life are ephemeral.

This honesty offers comfort as our legs tire doing the daily dance between gratitude and grief.

Less acknowledged — less fun to acknowledge — is that breakthroughs aren’t everlasting either.

Intoxicating thoughts run through our head, like:

“I’ve solved that problem in my life for good.”

“Oh, I’ve healed that old wound.”

“I forgave that person. We’re good. I can move on.”

This felt finality can bring peace. For a time.

But then days or weeks or years later…

…we realize we’ve been living out a similar situation.


We feel familiar feelings.

We see a parallel pattern.

And we beat the crap out of ourselves for ever thinking we had it figured out.

A script starts sprinting through our heads.

“How could I have been so foolish to believe things were different, that I had gotten somewhere new?”

We all go through this experience.

Nevertheless it can make us feel in the moment more alone than ever.

What helps?

Starting with acceptance helps. Accepting this is life. That if you’re reading this, it’s not over.

Maybe life is less about seeking complex truths than about the repeated practice of simple ones.

And self-kindness. Oh, yes.

Let’s give ourselves a nice dose of kindness today.

And if you’re feeling alone, let’s feel alone together. Because somehow hearing about others feeling alone makes us feel less alone. 💜

About the author

James Kerti

Digital strategist and systems specialist, poet, former basketball scout, technically a politician.

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