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It is Enough to Enter

the templarhalls of museums, for

example, orthe chambers of churches,

and admireno more than the beauty

there, orremember the graveness

of stone, orwhatever. You don’t

have to do anybetter. You don’t have to

understandthe liturgy or know history

to feel holyin a gallery or presbytery.

It is enoughto have come just so far.

You neednot be opened any more

than doesa door, standing ajar.

by Todd Boss

The Gift in Goodbye

by Beau Taplin When it comes time to say farewell,whether to a love,a home,a path,or a life,let your practice be always the same:just as we do in those final moments of lightbeneath the late-afternoon sun.Sit quietly for a moment, allow your heart roomto be heard, keep your breath steadyand centered as you reflect on the blessingsthat have made this time in your lifeso meaningful and precious...

A Litany for Survival

By Audre Lorde For those of us who live at the shorelinestanding upon the constant edges of decisioncrucial and alonefor those of us who cannot indulgethe passing dreams of choicewho love in doorways coming and goingin the hours between dawnslooking inward and outwardat once before and afterseeking a now that can breedfutureslike bread in our children’s mouthsso their dreams will not reflectthe...

Leaning back into basketball

I’ve relaunched a basketball scouting website! A couple years ago I closed the doors on my old website HoopsThink and archived the content on my personal blog here. I had stepped away from active involvement with college and NBA teams and needed a break. But I didn’t stay all the way away. I began teaching Digital Video Editing with Synergy Sports class for Sports Management Worldwide...

Difficult emotions and contradiction

What’s true on a Monday morning in the middle of the longest December of our lives? There’s a lot of stuff that’s hard right now. I’ve thought a lot lately about the contradiction in difficult emotions and in struggle. They convince us that we’re alone. But they’re one of the few things we share with everyone else. Everyone struggles with difficult emotions...

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