I’m learning to show up to my life with more openness.

Openness to things being as they are, in no need of “fixing.” A good place to start. Acceptance.

Being open to letting go what doesn’t serve me anymore, even if it once did.

And openness to things I enjoy even now giving way in order to create space for something better than I could ever imagine.

Because I can see that all the best things that have ever come into my life were surprises.

They entered through a side door I absentmindedly left unguarded.

Or they walked right in on the rare occasions I had the courage to fling the front door wide open and leave it unattended for a minute.

We’re squarely in “easier said than done” territory, yes. We are called to practice.

Reframing helps. I think of Osho’s words.

“Insecurity is an intrinsic part of life—and good that it is so, because it makes life a freedom, it makes life a continuous surprise. One never knows what is going to happen. It keeps you continuously in wonder. Don’t call it uncertainty—call it wonder. Don’t call it insecurity—call it freedom.”

I wonder what would happen if I were open to freedom. 🤷

A poem I’m sitting with today.

In Passing

by Matthew Shenoda

There is something inside
each of us
that scurries toward the past
in our bodies a rooted history
perhaps in the balls of our feet
a microscopic yearning
that floats inside that sphere
yearning in a language we’ve forgotten.
History is too in our knees
in the ball that pops
& twists as we journey.
And for those of us blessed to be old
& for those of us blessed to be young
it lives inside the tiny ball of skin
deep inside the belly button
tickles recollections from our tongues
stories of stories from then—

history lives in circles & spheres


always suspended

waiting for release.

About the author

James Kerti

Digital strategist and systems specialist, poet, former basketball scout, technically a politician.

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