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Digital strategist and systems specialist, poet, former basketball scout, technically a politician.

Simple truths

We talk about how the ups and downs of life are ephemeral. This honesty offers comfort as our legs tire doing the daily dance between gratitude and grief. Less acknowledged — less fun to acknowledge — is that breakthroughs aren’t everlasting either. Intoxicating thoughts run through our head, like: “I’ve solved that problem in my life for good.” “Oh, I’ve...

We Are Many

I love this beautiful and empowering yet somewhat tortured poem from Pablo Neruda as a reminder that I’m not alone, that we’re not alone, in self-doubt and feelings of struggle. Of feeling disconnected from ourselves. Of feeling so far away at times in our ongoing discovery of who we are, who we’ve been, who we want to be, who we can be. You are seen, friend. We Are Many by...


Here’s another poem from Edwin Markham, Oregon Poet Laureate from 1923 through 1931.


by Edwin Markham

For all your days prepare,
  And meet them ever alike:
When you are the anvil, bear—
  When you are the hammer, strike. Read More


This poem was published in 1916 in American Indian Magazine by Arthur Caswell Parker, who was of Seneca descent. Faith by Arthur Caswell Parker There is a faith that weakly dies When overcast by clouds of doubt, That like a blazing wisp of straw A vagrant breeze will flicker out.  Be mine the faith whose living flame Shall pierce the clouds and banish night, Whose...

Sing a While Longer

This beautiful poem is from Edwin Markham, a native Oregonian and the state Poet Laureate from 1923 through 1931. Sing a While Longer by Edwin Markham Has the bright sun set,   Has the gale grown stronger? Still we’ll not grieve yet:   We will sing a while longer! Has our youth been met   By Time the wronger? Let us not grieve yet,   Let us sing a while...

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