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Welcome to December

2017-12-01 James Kerti

I’m getting over a not-very-fun two-week bout with the flu. Not out of it yet, but I’m getting there.

As I wrote on what turned out later that afternoon to be my first day with the flu, I’ve converted this site to R blogdown, which uses Hugo and R Markdown to build the site.

I switched to using a static site generator earlier in 2017 after many years using WordPress. I wanted something a little snappier, more secure, and that required less routine maintenance.

When I went the static route this past July, I used pelican. It worked quite well and I’d recommend it.

Right now though I’m wanting to take David Robinson’s Advice to aspiring data scientists: start a blog to heart. While I have experience with Python, it’s mostly on the web development and scripting side of things. My data science focus is in R.

I figure that converting my site to blogdown has two chief benefits:

  1. It allows me to flow better from just doing the work to also sharing the work. That helps me get better — and hopefully help some other people, too. I figure the more barriers between the practice and the publication that I can eliminate, the better.
  2. I get to learn something new.

More to come soon, especially when I’m over this nasty flu. Time to lie down and rest some more.