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Need a new website and online gameplan?

James KertiAre you someone who provides services or sells products to those who need it in the sports world?

A fresh website and simple, effective marketing strategy go a long way in making sure you reach your ideal customers in the best way possible for you and them.

I can help you.

Look, you have a business to run.

You don’t have a ton of time to spend tinkering with your website, let alone to build a new one yourself.

Plus, your expertise is in serving your customers, not in web design or online marketing, and you don’t have the time or need to try to become an expert on those things.

I get it.

I want to take care of those things for you so that you can focus on pleasing your customers and running your business.

Here’s what a few people who have worked with me had to say.

Paul Pettengill

I was lucky enough to meet James Kerti as my start-up was in its nascent stages, and since then, James’s council has helped position it as a leader in a crowded market — basketball recruiting.

He understood the value that we were bringing to market, and helped to ensure that we grew by serving our market more deeply rather than attempting to expand into adjacent areas.

This focus allowed us to delight our initial market to the point that our consumers spread the word about us, allowing us to grow by orders of magnitude without advertising or external marketing.

Paul Pettengill
Founder, Verbal Commits
Alex Kline

Our event had raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research, but the website we had before was very basic and wasn’t representative of what we were achieving.

James has an insane talent. The new site he created is really impressive.

I was blown away.

We raised over $74,000 for cancer research the last two years, and James was a huge part of it.

Alex Kline
2-Time Forbes 30 Under 30
Founder, The Recruit Scoop & The Mary Kline Classic
Mark Tennis

Our organization has been around in different forms since the 1970s, including online affiliations with and ESPN.

When we finally left ESPN in 2012, there was a lot of uncertainty. We were looking for an online platform to make our own, one where we could grow our base of fans and subscribers, but we didn’t have a strong technology background that would allow us to create it on our own.

One of our team members knew James from his basketball scouting work, and we got in touch.

James put together a website that allows us to support our growing premium subscriber base and cover high school sports across California. James has always followed though with what he says he’s going to do, and his help has been invaluable to us.

We’ve brought in 40,000 visitors in a month thanks in large part to James’s help.

Mark Tennis
Editor & Publisher, Cal-Hi Sports
Frank Burlison

When I left my newspaper job and looked to start my own website, I wasn’t quite sure where to turn. I’m glad I connected with James.

He set me up with a brand new website with a look that’s uniquely mine. It’s still working great for me three years later. James’ help gave me the online platform to build my scouting service that has top colleges and NBA teams subscribing.

James is truly a ‘renaissance man’ in that he’s equally at ease and insightful in all things related to ‘the new media’, technology, writing and basketball. He’s someone who will make an impact in a lot of different venues.

I can’t imagine there being an easier, more helpful and more professional website designer/expert to work with. He makes things easily understandable for even the most technologically challenged among us!

Frank Burlison
College & NBA Scout, Burlison on Basketball
Global Sports Management

I was introduced to James when my company Global Sports Management needed a website so we could start having more of a presence online. We’ve been in operation since 1991, running multi-team college basketball tournaments and foreign tours, but we didn’t have much experience online.

James built our company a website we’re happy with so that we could promote our events more online.

We’ve since hired him to build another website for the new Emerald Coast Classic tournament we’re running in Florida.

He got both sites done quickly and has always been very responsive when we need help.

We’re especially proud of the Emerald Coast Classic site and how it increases the profile of the brand new event.

Maury Hanks
NBA Scout
President, Global Sports Management
Clark Francis

My scouting service has been around since 1983. We’ve been online for over 16 years, and it was time for us to upgrade our website.

I was introduced to James and he helped get a new website up and running for the scouting service, making sure all of our premium subscription content was available to the fans and college basketball coaches who subscribe, while also being compliant with NCAA scouting service guidelines.

James also set it up so that we could sell physical and digital products like my new book How To Get Recruited through the website.

I would highly recommend James Kerti to anybody who wants to follow in our footsteps and either publish a brand new web site or give the one they have a new look. He does what he says he’s going to do, does everything in a very professional manner, and also knows a lot about basketball.

Clark Francis
Editor & Publisher, The HOOP SCOOP
College Scout
Erin Pavlina

I’ve been a successful blogger since 2006, but my website needed an overhaul that was LONG overdue.

I went to James to re-create my site because I knew he could take charge of the process and give me an outstanding website that would convert traffic into sales.

He got the site done quickly and exceeded my expectations in giving me a site that works exactly like I need it to. With his expertise in marketing, conversion and analysis, he helped me increase my newsletter sign ups by a factor of three, and helped me put together an article that generated $2,500 in revenue in 24 hours.

I am really happy to work with him. His ideas are genius and inspired.

Erin Pavlina
Spiritual Counselor
Rahul Bhambhani

Usually when I work with designers/developers, I’m worried about whether or not they’ll be capable of creating something beautiful and functional (meaning, something that converts well). Not with James. He has a deep understanding of marketing and business and has the rare ability of seeing how beautiful design, marketing, and serving the customer fit together. This makes him a “triple threat”… something truly special in the world of web design/development.

With his expertise, he was able to create something for me that provides users with an amazing experience and converts for my business. As a result, the people I’m servicing win and so do I. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Rahul Bhambhani
Teacher, Mentor, Guide

I’ll create a fresh, custom website and an easy-to-execute online marketing plan for you and your business or organization because your needs are unique.

Take that next step with your business now.

To discuss your needs with me and get started, get in touch with me using the form on the contact page.

Want help with player evaluation?

I’ve worked as a basketball scout and consultant with high school, college, and NBA teams across the country.

(Note: Due to NCAA regulations, I can’t name the Division I coaches who gave their endorsements.)

Basketball hoop

When it comes to working with scouts, you don’t always know who you can trust and rely on.

However, James Kerti’s evaluations and information have always been accurate and on point.

No fluff. No spin.

He’s been extremely beneficial to what we do, and I recommend him to all college basketball programs.

We know he’s someone we can trust and look to when it comes to evaluating players.

Division I Basketball Coach
Basketball hoop

James Kerti is an up-and-coming star in this business! He has a tireless work ethic and a keen eye for talent and evaluating prospects.

More importantly, he is a quality individual who is honest and respects the game of basketball! It’s a huge help to have a guy I know I can go to.

Division I Basketball Coach
Basketball hoop

Not every scout knows what to look for in prospects, but James gets it! He has a great feel for evaluating prospects and always asks the right questions to get great answers.

One of the best in the business–a huge resource for college coaches.

Division I Basketball Coach
Basketball hoop

Recruiting is always a challenge, and James has helped make that job quite a bit easier.

His work ethic and evaluation skills are second to none.

Our program has benefited from his help!

Division I Basketball Coach

If you’re a coach, executive, or scout in basketball, feel free to contact me regarding ideas related to player evaluation.

To read more about my perspective in that area, make sure you check out HoopsThink.

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