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Summer of Data Science '17

2017-06-27 James Kerti

After a couple semesters in Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program, I returned to independent study of data science.

I recently heard about the Summer of Data Science that Renee M. P. Teate organized.

As she describes it:

The Summer of Data Science is a commitment to learn something this summer to enhance your data science skills, and to share what you learned.

How to participate in the Summer of Data Science:

1) Pick a thing or a short list of things related to data science that you want to learn more about this summer.

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Why I joined and left OMSCS at Georgia Tech

2017-06-19 James Kerti

I spent the recent fall and spring semesters enrolled in the Online Master of Science, Computer Science (OMSCS) program at Georgia Tech. I decided near the end of the second semester that the program and I weren’t the right fit for one another.

I made the decision to withdraw.

I hope to provide some helpful information for anyone considering the program and wondering whether it fits their goals. Before I get into discussing that decision and the program in general, I want to share a little more about my background in this area.

I graduated from Villanova University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I found employment at a few software jobs before and after graduation. For the last several years, I worked as a freelance web developer.

My interest and background in sports pushed me in the direction of research and analysis. Some exposure to the world of data science made me realize I had real interest in studying it.

After teaching myself some of the basics using books and online resources, I felt like a more formal education in the subject could be quite valuable — both as a tool for structured, accelerated learning and for the sake of having the credential.

During my research I came across the OMSCS program, which seemed like a dream come true.

Roughly $7,000 for a genuine Master’s degree.

Learn from the real professors and university resources at one of the top computer science schools in the country.

Get in on the cutting edge of something refreshing and forward-thinking in education.


So I applied. And I got in.

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And I'm back

2017-06-04 James Kerti

Oregon Beach Summer

I’m home on the Central Oregon Coast.

The summer is here at last. The sky is overcast.

Here’s a little information about what I’m up to. More to come.

I just rebuilt my personal website (the one you’re reading now).

After more than six months on something of a social media and blogging sabbatical, it feels like time to reengage. The previous design of this site fit my goals when I constructed it two years ago. Now I’m in a different space. I intend to publish on the blog here more frequently going forward.

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Reinventing yourself

2015-10-28 James Kerti

Ocean view

I wrote this post for myself.

Recently I read James Altucher’s post titled “The Ultimate Guide to Reinventing Yourself.”

It gave me a lot of ideas. It made me think about the journey I am on.

I turned 29 years old last week.

I don’t feel old. But I don’t feel that young either.

I’ve been married for almost four years now. I didn’t graduate from college in this decade.

I’ve done several different things in my career. Basketball. Software. Marketing. Web design. Sales. Career counseling. Writing.

I think I learned some things along the way. I hope I have.

These are some of the things that worked for me. Maybe they will help you too.

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