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Got eclipsed on the Oregon Coast

2017-08-30 James Kerti

Checking back in here before August concludes.

Enjoyed the eclipse with my wife and some neighbors last Monday. We had 99.9% partial coverage here–so close! We couldn’t make it to the path of totality that day but it was fun nevertheless.

As I mentioned in last month’s update, I joined the board of the local Academy of Arts and Sciences. I attended my first board meeting two weeks ago. It’s exciting to be a part of this group that brings in interesting, thoughtful speakers to talk to locals. We had a retired NASA astronomer come in earlier this month to deliver a speech about the then-upcoming solar eclipse. More good ideas on the way!

Still working on some interesting basketball things I can’t talk about yet, with one exception.

If you’ve read some of my work and are interested in learning more about scouting, I’d like to know what else you’re looking to learn. I put out a one-question survey on HoopsThink last week and the responses started coming pouring in. To fill out the survey, click here.