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Welcome to December

2017-12-01 James Kerti

I’m getting over a not-very-fun two-week bout with the flu. Not out of it yet, but I’m getting there.

As I wrote on what turned out later that afternoon to be my first day with the flu, I’ve converted this site to R blogdown, which uses Hugo and R Markdown to build the site.

I switched to using a static site generator earlier in 2017 after many years using WordPress. I wanted something a little snappier, more secure, and that required less routine maintenance.

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Thanksgiving week note

2017-11-20 James Kerti

A quick update for Thanksgiving week.

Since my last post, the rainy season has come to the Oregon coast, as expected.

I’m learning R blogdown so that I can port this site over to that platform in the near future. After using WordPress for my personal site since 2009, I finally went static earlier this year, transitioning to pelican, a Python-powered static site generator. But as I’ve been more focused on learning R for data science, I’d like to (1) learn something new in R, and (2) integrate this site more tightly with that workflow so I can easily share data science projects here.

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A Halloween update

2017-10-31 James Kerti

Halloween! My black cat is celebrating the holiday by sleeping nearby.

It’s sunny, for perhaps the last time in a while. Winter is coming — and with it, the rain.

I’m actively participating in my town’s planning commission and the board of the local academy of arts and sciences. For the planning commission, I’m working on updating the comprehensive plan for the village’s future. The arts and sciences academy put on well-received presentations recently about solar eclipses and native bee conservation.

I spent the last ten weeks in discussions with an NBA team about a position in their front office, but we won’t be moving forward on that at this time. In the meantime, I’ll keep working hard on getting better.

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Got eclipsed on the Oregon Coast

2017-08-30 James Kerti

Checking back in here before August concludes.

Enjoyed the eclipse with my wife and some neighbors last Monday. We had 99.9% partial coverage here–so close! We couldn’t make it to the path of totality that day but it was fun nevertheless.

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